Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday afternoon randomness

We are so random.

Jinan, K.z and I went to Mines this afternoon for lunch. Jinan wanted to get her friend a gift.

After having lunch and buying gift, we headed back to the car. Then we saw a Thai Massage salon next to the exit. Before we knew it, we were in the salon, having our feet washed.

Jinan and K.z got the foot reflexology and upper body massage. I got the full body massage. Both services cost the same (RM55/hr).

We left the salon an hour later, laughing about how the workers literally folded our bodies. Jinan and K.z were wondering how I could manage to look all calm when the worker twisted my body. Hmm..maybe because this is my second experience, so I knew what to expect. My first was when I went to the one in Setiawangsa with Ajoy :)

Anyway, we went back to the office feeling refreshed. Now I can get back to work!

Or can't I??


p/s: lesson learned, go to the restroom first before getting a massage. I seriously thought my bladder would burst. haha


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