Friday, January 15, 2010

Mari menulis!

I chatted with Mas minutes ago, and being me, most of the things that come out of my mouth (or in this case, fingers) are crap. For example, this is what I wrote:

Seekor anjing menggonggong tulang. Kemudian, semasa tiba di atas sebuah jambatan, anjing itu terlihat akan bayang-bayangnya di atas air. Anjing itu berasa tamak dan menginginkan tulang yang digonggong oleh bayang-bayangnya, lalu ia pun membuka mulut untuk mengambil tulang itu. Tanpa disedari, tulang yang digonggongnya tadi terjatuh ke dalam sungai. Akhirnya anjing itu kehilangan tulang yang dipunyainya tadi. Lalu terjadilah peribahasa, "Orang tamak selalu rugi, bagai anjing dengan bayang-bayang." ~tamat~

Reading it again, I though, "OMG a standard 4 student can write better than me!" (Fyi, that was the best that I could write. I actually had to think when writing that! Unbelievable!). Look what a 4-years-of-living-abroad has done to me. Hohoho.

Anyway, looking at how bad and funny and stupid my short essay is, I thought it would be fun if we could share our bad/funny/stupid short essay with each other. It could be the thing that will lit up our Monday blues this coming Monday! hehehe

So people, feel free to share your short essay here! :)


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