Thursday, January 7, 2010


Friday, January 8, 2009. Weather: Raining

Mari kelihatan gedik dan menglistdown barang2 yg diingini:

1) Clinique Simply perfume 100 mL
2) a good eyebrow pencil
3) a good nude lipstick
4) eye-smudger brush
5) black eyeshadow (owh and other colors too XP)
6) a good dslr camera
7) a whole new wardrobe since my sister wears everything (except jeans) that I have and I am left with nothing (apart from the fact that I have been wearing the same clothes for 3-4 years now)
8) a pair of pretty, cute, and comfortable white sandals/heels (should be sturdy too)
9) a pair of comfortable black sandals. The ones that I own are too high to be worn often (these too should be sturdy)
10) a couple (or more) of fashionable and comfortable flats (and these too, sturdy is a must)
11) a new cellphone, installed with a good organizer in it. and also gps. easy to use, and no touch screen, please.
12) sturdy and fashionable handbags. and more handbags
13) a cute laptop
14) a whole life supply of complete spa packages
15) a good service for my kancil
16) a sponsor for my study to Australia, or any part of the world other than here.
17) nak kawen skrg jugak.

Okay dah. Now, where can I find the money??

*peeping outside the window, just in case it's raining money*


TrUe SeLf said...

hahaha...busuk btul...hehehe...don't worry...some of ur wishes my dear, i will make it a reality...

Fiza Pushie said...

which one tu?? no.14? hahaa

Fiza Pushie said...

eh, i mean no 17. camne lepas no 16 boleh jadi no 14.. -_-""

TrUe SeLf said...

hahaha...xpe,...sume pun bole...;-*

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