Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dark chocolate. Yummy yum.

Owh, this is my biggest obsession.

and since he's my biggest obsession, I just have to put more pictures of him haha

tgk tu dah besar pon makan ice-cream macam budak2. sungguh comel. rase nak picit2. hahaha

Owh, last Sunday was his 25th birthday. So I went out to the mall and celebrate his birthday. Bought a piece of Black Forrest cake and a Macchiato. Next time, please remind me that Macchiato is not Caramel Macchiato without the caramel. Speaking of which, I still haven't found any cafe selling Caramel Macchiato. I mean, seriously, where the hell is Starbucks? Anyway..


Hopefully we'll grow old happily together with dozens of children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

I love you.

p/s: I went out to celebrate his birthday but I totally ignored mine. haha. O well, we practically have the same birthday anyway. The celebrations are always combined :)

p/p/s: chocolate picture googled. Mr.Husband's photos credited to Lun. I took the cake picture myself, of course.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Do you know how smart our body is?

Do you know that each cell in our body is like a very complicated and complex factory, making sure everything goes alright?

And every time I learn about how this enzyme works, how this gene is regulated, how this enzyme communicates with another enzyme..it has never failed to make me think about how amazing the whole system is. And also how this whole thing totally proves the existence of God.

I mean, such a very complex and very smart system totally need an extremely smart creator as well. I mean, even if we ever do learn about everything in a cell, even if we ever isolate and gather everything together to make our own cell, we still cannot make it work like the real cell. Even a real cell can stop working once it's dead, although all the components are still there.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lawak semalam

Ketika waktu rehat semalam, aku menelefon En.Suami untuk bertanya khabar and mengubat bosan.

En.Suami: Sayang buat ape tu?
Aku: Owh, tgh rehat. Tengah tunggu gel beku..
En.Suami: Ooo..tadi buat ape?
Aku: Tadi dah isolate DNA (plasmid) dari E.coli. Pastu dah potong-potong DNA tu gune enzyme. So skrg ni tgh tunggu gel beku sbb nak separate DNA tu ikut saiz diye. Gel tu agar je..cam agar-agar masak tu haha
En.Suami: Hmm...
Aku: Baby tak paham ape2 pon yg I cakap kan? Banyak gile scientific jargons haha
En.Suami: Busuk~~
Aku: Hahahah (terus gelak)

Susah betul kan nak explain benda2 biotech dekat org pakar IT?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

High IQ?

I bet all of you have taken IQ test at least once. I still remember my first IQ test. It was the last 'exam paper' that we had to sit during UPSR. It was not that bad I think. Since we'd actually 'practiced' for it in class before. My teacher provided us with past exam papers and we did them and discussed the answers. I remember arguing with my teacher on one of the answers. I did not agree with the answer she provided, because I was sure I was right. She ended up saying that if I didn't want to listen to her, I might fail the exam. But o well, I still answered the answer that I thought was right during the real exam. Yup, I am that stubborn when I am sure I am right. It even showed when I was 12. Haha.

Anyway, the second formal IQ test that I took was when I was 18 or 19. The Malaysian MENSA club organized IQ test at the University I was at (INTEC, UiTM Shah Alam). I had to pay RM32 for it. I was reluctant to take it at first because I hadn't been doing any IQ test for a long time, and I was scared I might fail. But my curiosity forced me to take it anyway. So I paid the RM32 and took the exam. The questions did not have any number or alphabet at all. Everything was in the form of figures. One question on one page.I don't really remember how long the test took. What I remember is on average we only had less than one minute to answer one question. I didn't finish them all, of course. I am one of those people who spend a lot of time on one problem at a time. If I am not mistaken, I left more than 10 questions unanswered. Haha.

A few weeks later, I got a letter from Malaysian MENSA. It was my test result. I was scared to open the envelope but I opened it anyway, of course. There it was. My IQ test result was 156. The minimum score to join the club was 148, if I am not mistaken. So I joined it. I had to pay RM50 for a year of membership.

However after a couple of years, I started to not see the meaning of joining the club anyway. Usually the activities were going for some gathering, which involved alcohol. And I felt that I did not fit in a way (although I have never gone to any gathering, but I can tell through email and magazine) because most of them were working and successful and rich, unlike me who was (and still am) studying, and not yet successful and not rich. And I am not that social either. I stayed in the club just because I thought having the membership might help me in getting a job or getting into graduate school. So, after some thinking, I just stopped renewing my membership.

So anyway, does having a high IQ make me special? Nahh~ I don't think so. I still got C and nearly failed in my classes haha. But maybe it helps in understanding some things that require imagination (I remember teaching my friend chemistry in high school and I kept telling her to imagine the process in order to understand it better, and she didn't get me haha). But still, I am still an average student.

I strongly believe although having a high IQ may help in certain things in life, it still doesn't promise a successful life. Motivation and serious effort still are the most important thing to achieve success. One can have a high IQ and having no future, and one can have a lower IQ and being all successful.

But still, it does feel good knowing that I have a high IQ. It's like a confidence boost. A motivation. Whenever I feel like failing, I would tell myself "You have a high IQ, you can do this!" Haha. But of course the sweetest thing of all is when I know that my IQ is higher than the smart student who always makes me feel stupid. It's like indirectly telling, "You know, you're not all that." Hehehe >:)

Eh, agak kejam di situ.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Canberra, from my eyes

It's been 6 weeks since I arrived here. So far, everything went well. It's the mid semester break now. Two weeks of break. If I was an undergrad student, I might have been somewhere in Sydney or something. But o well, I have 6 days for lab practical during the holiday, so, no trip for me. Owh, I'll be going to Sydney on the 10th though. Will be staying at Sheila's place for a night, then come back here on the 11th because I have the lab practical on the 12th. Huhu. Hmm and tomorrow I'll be going around Canberra with Fazira and her friend. Since all three of us are new here, we'll be exploring the city quite aimlessly. Let's see what we'll find tomorrow. What an adventure.

Anyway, I went for groceries shopping today. I was really out of food. I was left with less than one cup of rice and a few chicken wings. And an onion. And that's basically it. So I went for quite a huge groceries shopping today. Ended up spending almost $70 for everything. Not including rice since I couldn't find the rice that I wanted. And also eggs, since they were out of eggs. It's unbelievable how Easter can do to the store's stocks. Anyway, it's expensive, isn't it? When I was in the States, I only spend about USD 80 at most for groceries per month. Here, one trip of groceries shopping can easily cost me AUD 50-70. And don't let me start talking about how much it costs for rent here..To think that USD and AUD have almost the same value... Isy, I want to go back to the States.

Anyway, let's talk about the classes. Hmm..classes here are okay. Much like Davis. Only I think the advisor is more caring about the students. For example, last Tuesday we were supposed to submit 3 assignments and sit for a quiz. Then our advisor gave us an extra day to submit one of the assignments because he said we had so many to do already. And some of us had another assignment to send on Monday, but we did not have to because they said we had too many workload. I was like, wow. I mean, when I was in Davis, they had never cared if we had 2 lab reports, one or two midterms and a paper to submit within the same week. And my labs are once in fortnight, so there are some weeks where I don't have to attend any lab at all. And so the report is also due every fortnight at most. So it's less stress here compared to when I was in Davis. I mean, I used to write 2 reports every week..a total of ~20 reports for the whole 10 weeks (that's for one class hoho). Here, ~10 reports for 16 weeks (that's for 2 classes hoho)? haha

So anyway, all in all, it's fine here. Although I can't deny I prefer Davis more. Smaller town, everything is accessible by bicycle, and I felt it's safer, since there were less crime and the cars were not that fast (unlike here..the cars are so fast like pelesit and they don't really care about pedestrians). But o well, life goes on. Take everything as it is. As long as I am satisfied with my study environment, I am happy enough.

I can't wait for my husband to come. I have been looking for a one bedroom apartment/flat/house to rent. Hopefully I will get an affordable, beautiful place soon.