Friday, October 30, 2009

I am angry

Found this article on utusan online, and I TOTALLY DISAGREE on what they are saying. I mean, if the system works beautifully, we wouldn't be seeing people click with their own kind all the time. Just look at school canteens, malls, buses, everywhere..people tend to stick to their own race, speak their own language. Why? Because we grew up that way! We never got the opportunity to fully understand each other when we were young, at the age where we try to comprehend everything, learn everything, know everything. When we got bigger, we had already been 'told' that this race this and that race that, and and they have stuck almost permanently in our heads. We tend to develop stereotypes towards other races due to our weak understanding towards others.

I mean, really, just look at other multiracial countries like the US. Everyone comes in from different background. They learn how to speak, read, and write in English. They go to American school. They introduce themselves as Americans, although at the same time, they are proud of their roots. The same goes to other multiracial countries like Indonesia. Why aren't these people fighting for their own schools?

It's weird, isn't it? Everytime someone suggests on having a one school system, there'll be lots of people against it. Why? What do they want, actually? Don't they want our country to unite? Don't they love their own country? I mean, as Malaysians, we should not be scared when we are asked to learn in Bahasa Malaysia or to mix with other Malaysians. Plus, I seriously believe that they will still teach Mandarin and Tamil in the school, so they should not be scared that the languages will finally extict, because they won't. Why are they so against it? Do they really want to be Malaysians, or do they want to be citizens of other countries? And plus, if they really serious about merging and unifying everyone together, they should have realized that the main reason that divide us is our school system. I mean, hello~ everyone else knows this~ duhh~

1Malaysia won't work if they stick to this attitude. 1Malaysia requires sacrifice from everyone, especially the leaders.

But instead, our leaders said these:

"Bagi sekolah Tamil, pelajar (India) akan berpeluang bergaul dengan kanak-kanak daripada kaum lain apabila mereka memasuki sekolah menengah,” -Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu

My @$$. Try going to those secondary schools and see how many students actually mix with other races.

"Ia bukan penghalang kepada perpaduan nasional, sebaliknya bantu menerapkan semangat bersatu padu di kalangan masyarakat majmuk,” -Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong

And you are calling yourself the Deputy Minister of Education? Bullsh*t. Tell me how it has helped in uniting us together.

Stupid. Frustrating. VERY frustrating. Deym.

I am angry.

p/s: Remember having chinese, indian, singh, and aboriginal in my class when I was in standard 1-3 and it was beautiful.

MIC dan MCA tidak setuju sekolah satu aliran
30/10/2009 7:52pm

KUALA LUMPUR 30 Okt. — MIC dan MCA menentang cadangan melaksanakan sistem pendidikan satu aliran, dengan mengatakan bahawa sekolah jenis kebangsaan yang ada sekarang tidak akan menghalang usaha ke arah mewujudkan perpaduan nasional.

Presiden MIC, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu hari ini berkata, sekiranya cadangan itu dikemukakan dalam usaha menjalin perpaduan kaum, ada banyak cara lain lagi untuk melakukannya dan bukan melalui sistem pendidikan satu aliran.

"Bagi sekolah Tamil, pelajar (India) akan berpeluang bergaul dengan kanak-kanak daripada kaum lain apabila mereka memasuki sekolah menengah,” katanya kepada pemberita sebelum menyerahkan cek bernilai RM1 juta kepada lebih 50 kuil Hindu di sini.

Sementara itu, Ketua Pemuda MCA, Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong berpendapat sistem persekolahan pelbagai aliran patut diteruskan kerana ia tidak akan menjejaskan perpaduan di kalangan masyarakat majmuk negara ini.

"Ia bukan penghalang kepada perpaduan nasional, sebaliknya bantu menerapkan semangat bersatu padu di kalangan masyarakat majmuk,” kata Wee kepada pemberita selepas mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pemuda MCA di Wisma MCA hari ini.

Dr. Wee yang juga Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran berkata, walaupun bahasa pengantar di sekolah pelbagai aliran bukannya bahasa kebangsaan namun ia tidak menggugat pelajar untuk menghayati konsep 1Malaysia.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When there are too many unusual cases, it's fake

There are at least three cases of standing praying mat in the news these past few days.

The pattern is the same--one praying mat 'leads' in front of the others, like an imam, and the others look like the 'followers' at the back, like the makmum.

The three cases happened one after another, in different states. After the first case was out in the news.

I mean, come on. They are fake, okay. Even if they might be real, I would say only the first one might have been real, but the others? Nahh~

The pictures show that the praying mats are so-called 'standing'. But to me, they aren't. Instead, they are in a position that is not even close to standing. It's like the center of the praying mats were pulled up and whoever did it adjusted the mats so that they hold the shape and let the praying mats stayed that way.

Come on..the praying mats are made of some kind of hard fabric, not the soft, flowing ones..They can hold their shapes better than the other fabrics. We can make them look like 'standing' if we want to. Can't these people see??

I bet those pranksters were busy laughing right now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I don't know what makes me think about the reason why I started blogging, but anyway, before this blog, I had (and still have, although inactive) a Multiply account. Before that I used Friendster's blog application. And even before that, I used to type about my earliest experience in the States at the Bulletin Board on Friendster (well, Friendster was the 'old-facebook', right?).

So anyway, when I opened my Multiply account, I managed to import all my entries from the Friendster blog, and now that I am using Blogger, I just link my Multiply on this blog.

However, I have never retrieved my post on Friendster's Bulletin Board.

So, I tried to retrieve them just now, and much to my surprise, the Bulletin Board was not there anymore. But thanks to those who actually read what I wrote and replied, I managed to get one my entries in my inbox. Heheh. I think I want to post them here, just for fun.

So, introducing *drum roll* the younger FizaPushie~!!

Hahaha poyo. Nothing interesting anyway.

O well, here goes..

Journal 14sept 2004

Ari ni start international student orientation. Kitorang breakfast pancake, waffle, scamble eggs..huhu~mas, udin, n izzah konon nak rase bagel, skali makan2, keras..haha!naseb baik
aku tak amek :-P

Orientation bosan gile kene dgr talk pasal staying legal..huhu~ade org germany kat sebelah aku
ckp kat aku diye bosan gile..haha~after that gi lunch..sedey gile..first time la aku makan salad
yg sangat hijau as aku punye lunch.memule nak amek salad yg nampak lebih sedap n colorful, tapi skali tgk ade letak wine..aku pasrah gile..last2 makan la gak salad yg tak sedap tu

After lunch kitorang jln2 tour campus..lawa rupenye ucd ni..n sangat besar..penat gile jalan..kat sini ade park yg ade tasik yg sangat lawa. Yg bestnye tu, tasik ni penuh ngan ITIK! Haha! Udin mesti gumbira jumpe kawan2 diye kat sini..kahkahkah!

After dat kitorang leh pilih aktiviti yg kitorang nak..kitorang pilih gi tour downtown davis, tapi last2 kitorang tak gi pon except udin..haha~kesian diye kene jalan jauh..kitorang tido kat room :P

The next activity is PARTY..7pm..huhu~sah la kitorang tak gi..cuak seh..esok ade orientation lagi..malas siot..aku nak tido~

p/s:owh, ari ni baru kitorang dapat register for internet bermulalah kehidupan
aku ngan internet kat sini..keskes:P n as for the weather, sini sangat lah windy n panas..takde awan langsung! Diye macam sejuk n panas at the same time..diye punye sunlight panas mcm kat Malaysia..tapi angin diye sejuk cam aircond..bak kate kumitaa, tak tau nak pakai sweater ke tak, n tak tau nak pakai sunglasses ke tak, n tak tau nak pakai cap ke tak..huhu!confuse~8-} tapi yg pastinye sangat kering la..sakit hidung aku~

Monday, October 19, 2009

A bling bling update

Yesterday I was wakened up by my dad at 4am. My parents were busy making roti jala out of 7kg flour and chicken curry out of 6 chickens. My dad did not get any sleep that night since he was busy cleaning and rearranging the house, so I was kinda needed to help them here and there. However, being sleepy and moody due to imbalanced hormones and a hurting arm, I only helped them till 6am--after performing my subuh prayer. Then I went back to sleep.

I woke up at ~8:45am and started helping in the kitchen--cleaning, marinating and frying some chicken, making some jelly, etc. My parents were out sending the roti jala and chicken curry to Hulu Langat. My sister was busy cleaning the hall. At about 12pm, my parents came back and they started to help us cooking and cleaning. Then my uncle and aunt came. Then my brother and sister-in-law. It was 1:20pm and I still haven't taken my shower nor brushed my teeth. What's worst than having a moody, emo, hungry and hasn't-yet-showered woman in the house. Hahaha. But of course, I took my shower and brushed my teeth after that.

It was 2:30pm, and they hadn't arrived yet.

3:00pm, still not arriving.

3:20pm, finally arrived.

My bf's family and a neighbor came into the house. They rushed to kiss and hug my adorable baby niece. Then the talk started. My aunt was the one who was doing all the talking since they basically speak the same language (cakap nogori). I was in the room playing Spongebob Collapse (people say the girl should not involve in the conversation, so I hid myself. haha), until I was called to serve some drinks to them. But instead, I made the drink and my sister-in-law served it. hahaha. So I missed the whole conversation. Anyway, after that they had a late-lunch and a long chat with my mom. They left at about 6:00pm.

At about 7:40, my bf and I went out to Jusco Setiawangsa. Bought myself a hair dryer and a pair of cooking chopsticks and my mom a new knife and cutting board (to thank her basically although I did not say it haha). My bf got a new haircut. Then we went to eat takoyaki while watching children playing at a water fountain outside the mall. It was then that I asked him about the conversation.

So I learned that the conclusion of the talk was:
Engagement day will be on December 12, 2009 (although the suggestion for this date was almost rejected)
Hantaran will be decided by both of us, which will be discussed.

All in all, yesterday was a relief for now we know the path of our relationship, compared to the more insecure position before. And I know that he will be my fiance in less than 2 months. haha.

One step is done, another two to go.

Hopefully everything will go on smoothly. Amiiin~

(usually people will say fingers crossed here, but I want to say sapu-tapak-tangan-dekat-muka, boleh?)

p/s: While wathing him having his hair cut, suddenly I felt some kind of excitement rushing down my veins. For the first time ever, I am curious and excited about the future.

p/p/s: Owh, of course, I have a new ring now. A total of two rings on my fingers. Photo later.

p/p/p/s: The reason why I always say I will post the photos later is because I don't have a functional card reader. The card reader that I have has never worked properly since the first day I got it in the mail. And it's too bothering to return it. So like, wutever.

p/p/p/p/s: (this is the last one, I swear) On a totally different topic, I was trying to buy RM50 worth of merchandise in a single receipt from Jusco so that I would be eligible to enter a contest. The total price of the knife, chopping board, and chopsticks was supposed to be ~RM52 (the hair dryer was in a different floor, so I could not pay them together). Much to my surprise, at the cashier, all of them cost ~RM46, not RM52. So apparently they have some kind of extra discounts for JCard members. Since it was less than RM50, I was not eligible to enter the contest. Deym.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

random express updates

After asking some of my doctors and soon-to-be-doctors friends, and also after doing some research online, I am pretty convinced that I had chikungunya fever a month or so ago. I had all the major symptoms and my joints still hurt even after a month. Now because of that joint pain, I walk like what the heck.

I think I twisted my right shoulder in my sleep. Now my right arm hurts badly.

This Sunday my boyfriend and his family is coming to my house to see my parents and discuss about our engagement. Hehehe finally. Owh and next week I will be wearing another ring. Hehe *gedik*

Our ancestors said that if a butterfly is found flying inside a house, it means that someone is coming to ask for someone in the house to be his wife. Yesterday a butterfly flew happily around me, in my room, and today when I opened the office's door from inside, I saw a butterfly was resting at the door, before flying off when it saw me. Two butterfly in two days. What a coincidence.

Adding to the butterfly story, today I stepped on a (part of) caterpillar. I was sitting on my chair, shutting off the pc and stuff. Then I decided to go back, so I stood up. Suddenly I heard something being squished--like a pop sound or something. I looked down on the floor, and I saw a small pool of liquid. I was like, "What the hell is that?" I looked around the liquid, then I saw something that looked like a geico poop, but it wasn't squished. I looked around a little more..and at that time I saw a half caterpillar. I was traumatized, and my heel was green because the caterpillar was green. Euw euw euw.

I swept the office this morning a little bit more properly than a couple of days ago. But there you go, a geico poop in the evening. I swear I did not see a single geico in the office today.

Although I love the location of my office, I hate the fact that there are all sorts of animals and insects there. Normal ones: geico, cricket. Some unusual ones: squirrel, snake, and caterpillar. Maybe that's how an office at the Faculty of Environmental Studies looks like.

Owh, have I told you that the crickets love to die in the office? No, I am not kidding. It's like a trend.

Hmm..I am rubbing my eyes now. Later people, I need my beauty sleep.

Good night.

Edited 2:19pm October 16, 2009
Credit to k.z
Title: Stepping the caterpillar

Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st anniversary

We have turned one year yesterday.

October 8th, 2009, 12:32pm.

We celebrated by having a good dinner at Tony Roma's in C@The Curve.

He ordered a grilled half-chicken with mashed potato and bean, and I ordered a ceasar salad with half salmon. He had iced lemon tea, and I had lime juice. And of course we did not finish the chicken. It was huge and we were stuffed to the max. There were no space for dessert. However, it was truly a great dinner date. I think we even got a discount. Heheh.


Happy 1st anniversary, sayang. Thank you for loving me, staying with me despite my sometimes-tak-senonoh perangai and also my bully towards you (suro bukakkan pintu, angkatkan barang..hehe. But you are a natural). I hope to celebrate more anniversaries with you, till both of us turn wrinkly and grey and buncit. Till both of us having to need a wheel-chair to move. Till both of us having to need our grandchildren to feed us our anniversary dinner.

Yes, I love you that much.

Happy anniversary my baby boo(cuk) :P

Love you lots lots lots;

p/s: Thank you for the famous amos cookies and the lovely card.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I used to complaint on anything that I found not-up-to-standard in my younger years, until I learned that Islam kinda forbids its followers from complaining a lot. Lots of complaining will make us whiny. Since Islam is a way of life, and being whiny is not the way to live, so that makes sense.

Since then, one of my principle is, "Stop complaining, start working." And it actually worked; I stopped complaining, and I worked a lot.

However, I feel like I cannot live up to that principle anymore. Once I decided to stop complaining, I'd find something that would make me complaint.

Like today, just as I decided to stop complaining about how the program here does not teach the students how to write, I found another thing that makes me start to complaint again.

This morning, I got a courses catalog for next semester. It did not say if it's for undergraduate or graduate only, so I assumed it's a general catalog. Then I flipped straight to the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Scieces. Seconds later, I learned that it only listed down all the undergraduate courses.

Deym. Deym. Deym.

Very unorganized.

Tolong la bagi guideline/guidebook ke ape so that students boleh organize diri sendiri. Susah nak plan okay. Ni rase nak lari ni. Naseb la I need the job. Haish.

See, I have started complaining again.

Friday, October 2, 2009


It's one of those times when I feel like doing/reading some useless stuff just to relax. And one of my top lists of easy reading is horoscope. Of course, as a Muslim, I do not believe in it. I read it just for fun.

Anyway, I saw one of my friends used this one application on facebook, called "Love Zodiac Profile." I was sleepy and tired, so like, what the hell, I clicked on it. Then I clicked on Aries. This is what I got.

Statements in large font are the things that I think are true, small font are the things that I think are inaccurate, and medium font are the things that I don't know its accuracy. The smaller the font is, the more inaccurate I think the statement is and vice versa.

Owh, statements in italic mean "wth??"

So here goes...

If you are Aries:
You are very romantic. You do not hold back your feelings and are very expressive in love and romance. You are very charming and amiable. In any social gathering, the opposite sex is attracted towards you. The opposite sex likes you because of your good looks and sociable nature. Since you attract so much attention from the opposite sex, your steady partner may feel jealous and possessive about you. But you are faithful to your partner. You are a very spontaneous lover. Your partner loves your little ideas of love and romance. You are a dynamic lover and wear the pants in your relationships.

Your kissing style:
You are a fantastic kisser. Your kisses are unforgettable.

To attract you, the opposite sex must be:
passionate, very active, not very sensitive, effervescent, etc.

You are more compatible with - Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius
You are less compatible with - Cancer, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo

Sekian my crap for today. Till my next hopefully-more-useful entry.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The problem with Muslims in Malaysia

I have just read an entry by Tun Mahathir in his blog, which then led me to ex-mufti Perlis's blog. Both entries discuss the problem with Muslims (particularly in Malaysia), where we tend to follow whatever that is said by the scholars of Islam, without actually knowing the truth behind what is said.

This is actually a very common attitude of Muslims in Malaysia. We tend to follow without asking. Whoever dares to ask or question anything that is said by anyone who is considered as 'wise,' is usually considered as arrogant.

As Malaysia is getting modernized, the people should become more educated. Not to say we should be more liberal, but we should be smarter.

This mengikut membabi buta attitude should stop.

p/s: As I was driving along Jalan Gombak, I saw a banner by PAS. Since wind was blowing the banner, I couldn't read the banner properly, but I saw that they were organizing a talk entitled "Bersatu somethingsomething BN." I was like, "Maybe they want to merge with BN. That's good, but I doubt it. This is all politic." Then the wind stopped and I could actually read the title properly, it said, "Bersatu tolak BN." Deym. I can't understand why the so-called Islamic party is spreading hatred among the people. Islam is all about peace and unity, not hatred. Funny.