Tuesday, February 2, 2010

updates on wedding preparation and flying off

Suddenly I have some spare time and I've decided to write updates of my life.

Currently there are two big things happening in my life. First, is me getting married in 3 days. And second, is me flying off to Canberra in 2 weeks.

Let's go to the first thing first. Eh, thinking back, I'll write about it in my wedding blog.

So let's skip to the second thing--me flying off to Canberra.

I received the offer letter for my scholarship last Friday, January 31, 2010. A whole lot of things have to be done--acceptence of offer, contracts, visa, medical checkup, etc. Yesterday I went to IDP to accept my offer, and now I have to wait for a necessary document for visa application. I went to do my medical checkup last Monday, but since I'm having that-time-of-the-month, so I have to postpone it to next week. My mom and brother had done getting their bosses to sign the contract, and now my mom is on her way to send the contract to me. Next step is getting signature from any officer in my office. Then I will be done with the contract, I think. So tomorrow I can go to LHDN to endorse the contracts.

I have no other choice but wait for Monday to do my medical checkup before submitting everything to the Registrar. Urgh.

Anyway, despite having whole loads of things to do, Ajoy and me are going for our honeymoon on Monday. Hahaha! Well, I need some quality time with him before having to fly off without him, don't I?

Anyway, I am tired. (@o@)~