Friday, May 7, 2010

To all my friends

Dear friends,

Here, I want to congratulate all my friends who are

(1) done with their owh-so-time-consuming medical school and now are doctors,
(2) done with studies, whatever it is
(3) got new jobs
(4) got engaged
(5) got married
(6) pregnant
(7) got babies!

I am so happy with all of you, really, but there are just too many of you for me to congratulate everyone personally. I just want to say to all who are done with school, an end of something is just a new beginning of something else. May you get the dream job soon, may the success be with you, and may the skills that you have acquired will help elevating our country to a better level. And to my friends who are now doctors, may you guys be the greatest doctors ever and do good to the society. Everyone else wants to be you, really. To those who got new jobs, hey, good luck in building your career! and don't get too caught up with the stress, and don't ever lose your passion! To those who got engaged and married, congrats in entering the new phase of life, and remember, tolerance, love, and trust are the keys. And to those who are pregnant and just got babies, may you be good parents, and hopefully your babies will grow up healthy, smart, beautiful, be good sons and daughters to you, good muslim (to my muslim friends), good citizens to the country, and good person to the humanity.

And to everyone else who are still waiting for anything (bachelor, master, phd degrees; career; soulmate; babies), like me, let's do our best and never lose hope! Just believe God has something for us, and we just have to work and pray hard to find what that something is. Usaha! Usaha! Usaha! :)

And to those who just lose something or feel like a failure, remember, life goes on, and the end of something is just a new beginning. Life is a journey after all; sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. The process of going up again is really the thing that makes you grow. The hardship will only make us stronger and remember, don't ever lose hope! :)

And lastly, I want to wish everyone a Happy (belated, now, or advanced, whichever applicable) Birthday! I am never good at remembering and checking everyone's birthday, especially when there are hundreds of people on my friends list, but hey, I am not the only one, am I? hehe. O well, anyway, have a superb year ahead, and may all your wish come true! :)

Ok, I think that's all. Have a good day everyone :)

<3 Pushie