Friday, January 15, 2010

Mari menulis!

I chatted with Mas minutes ago, and being me, most of the things that come out of my mouth (or in this case, fingers) are crap. For example, this is what I wrote:

Seekor anjing menggonggong tulang. Kemudian, semasa tiba di atas sebuah jambatan, anjing itu terlihat akan bayang-bayangnya di atas air. Anjing itu berasa tamak dan menginginkan tulang yang digonggong oleh bayang-bayangnya, lalu ia pun membuka mulut untuk mengambil tulang itu. Tanpa disedari, tulang yang digonggongnya tadi terjatuh ke dalam sungai. Akhirnya anjing itu kehilangan tulang yang dipunyainya tadi. Lalu terjadilah peribahasa, "Orang tamak selalu rugi, bagai anjing dengan bayang-bayang." ~tamat~

Reading it again, I though, "OMG a standard 4 student can write better than me!" (Fyi, that was the best that I could write. I actually had to think when writing that! Unbelievable!). Look what a 4-years-of-living-abroad has done to me. Hohoho.

Anyway, looking at how bad and funny and stupid my short essay is, I thought it would be fun if we could share our bad/funny/stupid short essay with each other. It could be the thing that will lit up our Monday blues this coming Monday! hehehe

So people, feel free to share your short essay here! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of dosa-pahala, sincerity, and keredhaan

Yesterday I went to see a pharmacist to ask about a suitable supplement for my lightheaded problem. He said I might not be having enough rest, and he suggested that I took a multivitamin+multimineral supplement. Basically something that has iron in it to promote red blood cells formation.

Anyway, I kinda disagree with his statement that I might not be having enough rest, because as we all know, my work doesn't require a lot of energy. But o well, I've decided to not come to the office next week anyway to get a good rest at home.

By the way, I think the real reason I've been sick a lot of time after I came back to Malaysia is because I've been doing a lot of sins (ceh konon before this baik sangat la hahaha). Let's face it. Being in a relationship like this alone makes me commit sins everyday (nak kawin skrg jugak). And as people say, being sick helps our small sins disappear (This is what I hear, I don't know any dalil for this).

Speaking about sins, since we were small, we've been told about dosa-pahala. If we do something good, we'll get pahala and go to heaven. If we do something bad, we'll get dosa and go to hell. We've also been told that if we do jemaah prayer, we'll get 27 times more pahala compared to doing it alone. If we do this, we'll get this amount of pahala. If we do that, we'll get this amount of pahala. Before I knew it, I've been counting my pahala and tried to do things that would give me more pahala.

Then one day it striked me.

When we do something, thinking about the amount of pahala that we are going to get, wouldn't that makes us be not-that-sincere in doing it? I mean, we'll be doing it for the promised pahala, instead of doing it in search for keredhaan Allah.

That thought 5-6 years back marked the stop of my pahala counting/comparing.

I've stopped counting pahala now. I even tried to not know how much pahala one good deed would give me. Instead, I try to do good deeds because I know Allah loves it, and I try to not commit any bad things because I know Allah hates it (although buat jugak tu huhu). After all, I just want Allah's love. His redha. All the things about pahala and heaven, those come second to me (I'm still scared of the hell, though, of course).

As the first step, I'm trying to strengthen my prayer. After all, it's the most basic thing, and also our invisible 'shield', isn't it?

One step at a time.. :)

p/s: Sedang berazam menjadi muslim yg lebih baik ni. Semangat ni. Tak tipu! :P

Who said I've never been fat?

16 years old - after a band rehearsal somewhere, 2001
weight: 48kg, waist: 26"

17 years old - the usual chitchat session in class, 2002
weight: 53kg, waist: 27"

19 years old - in san diego, winter 04
weight: 55-56kg, waist: 28"

20 years old - fisherman's wharf, san francisco, spring 05
weight: 55-56kg, waist: 28"

21 years old - raya celebration, fall 06
weight: ~58kg, waist: 29"

22 years old - hawaii, spring 07
weight: 59-60kg, waist: 29-30" *gasp*
started jogging and eating less during summer

23 years old - with my boss and a colleague, spring 08
weight: 55-56kg, waist: 28"
had to buy several new pair of jeans at the beginning of senior year

24 years old - hanging out with then-boyfriend-now-fiance at putrajaya, 2009
weight: 54-55kg, waist: 27-28"

24 years old - the engagement, dec 2009
weight: ~54kg, waist: ~27"
weight seems to not want to increase after being sick for 2 weeks, which is a good thing.

Who said I've never been fat??


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spreading love

While watching Anugerah Juara Lagu last night, my mom said, "All the songs are about love."

I thought, "Well, I guess love makes people write songs/poems. The emotion is just too much to bare, that you just want to sing." (I did not say it out loud because I was too lazy to say anything haha)

Anyway, click here for the proof for the statement. K.z said I just wrote a poem in that post.

I did?? Really??


Well, I guess I was (and still, and will always be, insyaAllah) in love :)


p/s: To people who burn/plan to burn churches and other things. Stop, please? It doesn't solve anything, instead it makes it worst. Spread love, not hate, okay? Thank you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The ultimate cure for hiccups

I'm sure all of us have had hiccups before, and it was annoying, wasn't it?

I don't know what's with my body, but everytime me or someone else (not a professional) massage me, I will burp, which is later followed by hiccups. It is very annoying because I will burp and hiccup at the same time. It is a disaster. And I did not know how to stop the hiccup, until finally my fiance told me the ultimate cure for hiccup.

This method of curing hiccups works for me everytime. It has never failed on me even once. Now I'm going to tell you the ultimate cure for hiccups..

*drum roll*

Take some water, gargle it for a few seconds and swallow it right after. If you do it right, you'll feel like hiccuping (<--does this word exist?) right after that, but the hiccup just doesn't come out. It will just stop.

Try it the next time you get hiccup! You'll be amazed by the result :)

p/s: Or do you have your own ultimate cure for hiccups? Care to share? :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday afternoon randomness

We are so random.

Jinan, K.z and I went to Mines this afternoon for lunch. Jinan wanted to get her friend a gift.

After having lunch and buying gift, we headed back to the car. Then we saw a Thai Massage salon next to the exit. Before we knew it, we were in the salon, having our feet washed.

Jinan and K.z got the foot reflexology and upper body massage. I got the full body massage. Both services cost the same (RM55/hr).

We left the salon an hour later, laughing about how the workers literally folded our bodies. Jinan and K.z were wondering how I could manage to look all calm when the worker twisted my body. Hmm..maybe because this is my second experience, so I knew what to expect. My first was when I went to the one in Setiawangsa with Ajoy :)

Anyway, we went back to the office feeling refreshed. Now I can get back to work!

Or can't I??


p/s: lesson learned, go to the restroom first before getting a massage. I seriously thought my bladder would burst. haha


Friday, January 8, 2009. Weather: Raining

Mari kelihatan gedik dan menglistdown barang2 yg diingini:

1) Clinique Simply perfume 100 mL
2) a good eyebrow pencil
3) a good nude lipstick
4) eye-smudger brush
5) black eyeshadow (owh and other colors too XP)
6) a good dslr camera
7) a whole new wardrobe since my sister wears everything (except jeans) that I have and I am left with nothing (apart from the fact that I have been wearing the same clothes for 3-4 years now)
8) a pair of pretty, cute, and comfortable white sandals/heels (should be sturdy too)
9) a pair of comfortable black sandals. The ones that I own are too high to be worn often (these too should be sturdy)
10) a couple (or more) of fashionable and comfortable flats (and these too, sturdy is a must)
11) a new cellphone, installed with a good organizer in it. and also gps. easy to use, and no touch screen, please.
12) sturdy and fashionable handbags. and more handbags
13) a cute laptop
14) a whole life supply of complete spa packages
15) a good service for my kancil
16) a sponsor for my study to Australia, or any part of the world other than here.
17) nak kawen skrg jugak.

Okay dah. Now, where can I find the money??

*peeping outside the window, just in case it's raining money*

Monday, January 4, 2010

The usage of the word 'Allah'

I want to voice out my opinion on the controversy on the usage of the word "Allah" in Herald Catholic (that's the correct name of the newspaper, if I'm not mistaken).

Yes, I respect the court's decision, but I think this case is larger than it looks. Maybe based on the constitution, the newspaper has the right to use the word (according to the judge), but the effect of the usage would be huge. This will make those with low understanding confuse, and who knows the confusion it will bring to the children, especially. This issue has touched the sensitivity of the Muslim.

They say they want to use the word "Allah" as a translation to the word 'god'. But please, the translation to the word 'god' is 'tuhan', not 'Allah'. The word 'Allah' refers specifically to the God of the Muslims. Not everyone knows the word 'Allah', anyway.

Even if we look at the translation to the syahadah of the Muslims, "Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada tuhan yang disembah melainkan Allah, dan aku naik saksi bahawa Nabi Muhammad itu pesuruh Allah." If they say god=tuhan=Allah, we can modify the translation to "Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada Allah yg disembah melainkan Allah"? This is wrong, isn't it?

Let's look at the translation of surah Al-Ikhlas:

"Katakanlah bahawa Allah itu maha Esa. Allah adalah Ilah yg bergantung kepadanya segala urusan. Dia tidak beranak dan tidak pula diperanakkan. Dan tidak ada seorang pun yg setara denganNya."

I mean, really, the word 'Allah' is a kata nama khas, the name of the God of the Muslims, whereas the word 'god' is a just a kata nama, a general noun. To the Muslims, yes, when we say 'God', we refer to 'Allah', but not to the followers of other religions.

If they say 'god'='tuhan'='Allah', then it should be applicable to the other religions as well. For example, "Allah agama Buddha ialah...., Allah agama Hindu ialah...." This is totally wrong. I bet other religions do not want to associate their Gods with 'Allah' as well. I mean, really, 'Allah' is the God for the Muslim.

When we say 'Allah', we refer to The Allah. There is only one Allah in this world. Allah is one.

Allah is the God of the Muslims.

Just because you can do it, does not mean you have to do it.


p/s: Read Tun. M view on this here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year! (which is not so new)

Happy New Year, everyone! (although it's already January the fourth today haha)

Anyway, I don't know if I'm gonna reflect on what had happened in 2009..hmm..thinking back, maybe a little bit.

Hmm..nothing much happened I think. Just the failed plan of getting married in June, the disappointing Masters program, the acceptance into ANU which was followed by the fight for scholarship (which I'm still fighting for). 2009 would have been one of the worst years of my life, but thank God for the never-ending love and care by my then-bf-now-fiance...which reminded me that that's the only (very) good thing that happened to me in 2009.

Now I am eager to know what 2010 have for me.

Anyway, now that it's a new year, people always talk about new year's resolution. The truth is, I don't have any for 2010. It's because I've already made one during Maal Hijrah. On 1st Muharram 1431, I've promised to myself that I would try to be a better person this year and to be a better Muslimah. It's that simple.

I hope 2010 will bring me (and all of us) joy and happiness. May we all be a better person, insyaAllah.

p/s: I've added a new life principle--Life is what we want it to be. So stop blaming, start working.