Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who said I've never been fat?

16 years old - after a band rehearsal somewhere, 2001
weight: 48kg, waist: 26"

17 years old - the usual chitchat session in class, 2002
weight: 53kg, waist: 27"

19 years old - in san diego, winter 04
weight: 55-56kg, waist: 28"

20 years old - fisherman's wharf, san francisco, spring 05
weight: 55-56kg, waist: 28"

21 years old - raya celebration, fall 06
weight: ~58kg, waist: 29"

22 years old - hawaii, spring 07
weight: 59-60kg, waist: 29-30" *gasp*
started jogging and eating less during summer

23 years old - with my boss and a colleague, spring 08
weight: 55-56kg, waist: 28"
had to buy several new pair of jeans at the beginning of senior year

24 years old - hanging out with then-boyfriend-now-fiance at putrajaya, 2009
weight: 54-55kg, waist: 27-28"

24 years old - the engagement, dec 2009
weight: ~54kg, waist: ~27"
weight seems to not want to increase after being sick for 2 weeks, which is a good thing.

Who said I've never been fat??



TrUe SeLf said...


Fiza Pushie said...

theehehehee :P

thecuriousmind said...

My weight is <45kg but my body fat level for my age, height and weight is waaayy too high. Aku cek haritu dia kata body fat aku tahap obese. I'm puzzled.

Anonymous said...

o wow~ maybe you have very little muscle and what people see of you is mostly fat. maybe more exercise will do?

aku tak penah check body fat content. same macam ko gak kot, since i haven't been exercising for a long~ time. tak semangat sangat nak exercise since i realized jogging makes me feel lightheaded. :/

-pushie malas nak sign in

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