Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random thoughts (and crap)

Yesterday I was having some backache. My shoulder bone hurts, and the pain crawled to my chest area. I think it was because of this uncomfortable chair that I am using at the office. After work, I complained about the pain to my boyfriend, saying it would be good if I could get a good massage. Then, before I knew it, we were at a massage center at Jusco Setiawangsa. I chose a one hour full body massage. Since I did not want to make my boyfriend wait for one hour, I forced him to get one as well. Haha. Suddenly we were pampering ourselves last night. It costs us RM50 each for an hour of massage. Not that expensive, and I thought it was worth it. However my boyfriend did not enjoy it as much because the guy who massaged him was quite huge (so he was too strong), and he kept on asking my boyfriend, "Sakit bang~," with a Thai accent. Hahaha.

A few days ago I was reading something about the new curriculum for English learning at school. It was said that they would increase the hour of learning by 100%, which makes a total of 30% from the learning time would be dedicated to the learning of English. In addition to that, they would include new module in the learning--English lab, Scientific English, etc. I thought, "Wow, this is good~." Way to go, you have my support.

The celebration of the 100th day of Najib ruling showed quite a number of improvements that he has been working on. On that day, he gave 11 'gifts' to the people, and one of them was a 20% discount to those who had to go through toll gates >=80 times per day. I think it was terrific because people are really burdened by the toll prices. Although I am not in the >=80 times users catagory, I am happy for them.

I think people are slowly accepting Najib's ruling (and also BN). I think his 1Malaysia principle is working, and I personally think it is a good idea since it promotes togetherness. Although there are voices saying some people would take advantage of this principle, I think as long as we understand the basic principle of our country, everything should be fine.

PAS won Manik Urai by only a few votes. This shows how people have started to gain confidence in BN. I only hope for the best for the country.

Recently I have been receiving a lot of wedding invitations. I am under pressure. I want to get married too. If only wedding and marriage processes do not involve parents, I would have been married by now. O well~ Patience. Patience. Patience.

I am hoping everything would be just fine with my research on the first try. Okay, I know all scientists who are reading this would be laughing by now. Hah. Well, there can be miracle when you believe, right? Heh.

I will talk to my supervisor about getting a co-supervisor so that I can do my work in the lab located next to my office building.

This evening I am going for a swim.

I think I should stop typing now. This post has too much crap already.



Zakiah Ponrahono said...


camne ek... hmmmm nak komen sampai tak terkomen...

Fiza Pushie said...

hehe mesti akak speechless :P

Zakiah Ponrahono said...

sangat speechless...

minggu depan mesti tak dengar lapapapa... macam biasa... nak pose gak arr kalau dah boleh pose

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