Thursday, October 1, 2009

The problem with Muslims in Malaysia

I have just read an entry by Tun Mahathir in his blog, which then led me to ex-mufti Perlis's blog. Both entries discuss the problem with Muslims (particularly in Malaysia), where we tend to follow whatever that is said by the scholars of Islam, without actually knowing the truth behind what is said.

This is actually a very common attitude of Muslims in Malaysia. We tend to follow without asking. Whoever dares to ask or question anything that is said by anyone who is considered as 'wise,' is usually considered as arrogant.

As Malaysia is getting modernized, the people should become more educated. Not to say we should be more liberal, but we should be smarter.

This mengikut membabi buta attitude should stop.

p/s: As I was driving along Jalan Gombak, I saw a banner by PAS. Since wind was blowing the banner, I couldn't read the banner properly, but I saw that they were organizing a talk entitled "Bersatu somethingsomething BN." I was like, "Maybe they want to merge with BN. That's good, but I doubt it. This is all politic." Then the wind stopped and I could actually read the title properly, it said, "Bersatu tolak BN." Deym. I can't understand why the so-called Islamic party is spreading hatred among the people. Islam is all about peace and unity, not hatred. Funny.


Oman said...

Babi bute pon x ikot cemtuh hahaha~~
Lebih aneh ble jd kes2 ajaran sesat, the followers are doctors lawyers businessdudes even uni lecturers...

p.s.: Antara contoh paling legend penah aku dengar: "HaH kau pegi Haji tak melawat Gua Hiraq?!!"

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