Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When there are too many unusual cases, it's fake

There are at least three cases of standing praying mat in the news these past few days.

The pattern is the same--one praying mat 'leads' in front of the others, like an imam, and the others look like the 'followers' at the back, like the makmum.

The three cases happened one after another, in different states. After the first case was out in the news.

I mean, come on. They are fake, okay. Even if they might be real, I would say only the first one might have been real, but the others? Nahh~

The pictures show that the praying mats are so-called 'standing'. But to me, they aren't. Instead, they are in a position that is not even close to standing. It's like the center of the praying mats were pulled up and whoever did it adjusted the mats so that they hold the shape and let the praying mats stayed that way.

Come on..the praying mats are made of some kind of hard fabric, not the soft, flowing ones..They can hold their shapes better than the other fabrics. We can make them look like 'standing' if we want to. Can't these people see??

I bet those pranksters were busy laughing right now.


Zakiah Ponrahono said...

betul-betul-betul... benda macam ni pun nak dipermainkan. Nanti bila ALLAH permainkan doa diorang... barulah orang yang mempermainkan itu faham apa erti ISLAM agaknya....

LuN said...

my sis and i had a talk about this las nite. hrmm.... I agree with u. at the 1st place it happened, we can say it's a miracle or mybe petunjuk frm HIM. followed by another two cases, ppl started to think either it is for real or not. *curious*


O-man said...

Thooooooooooooooooseeeeee dayysssss (as the old putra loves to put it), the RMC boys pride emselves of making 'Seluar berdiri'.
If ur pants cant stand, & u cant comb ur hair in front of the shoes..dat means theyre still not up to standard.
It's about the starch, candles, a hardcover book, & iron.
So wuts so impressive about standing mats? Aku tengok macam paper thosai ader laa LoLz

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