Thursday, October 15, 2009

random express updates

After asking some of my doctors and soon-to-be-doctors friends, and also after doing some research online, I am pretty convinced that I had chikungunya fever a month or so ago. I had all the major symptoms and my joints still hurt even after a month. Now because of that joint pain, I walk like what the heck.

I think I twisted my right shoulder in my sleep. Now my right arm hurts badly.

This Sunday my boyfriend and his family is coming to my house to see my parents and discuss about our engagement. Hehehe finally. Owh and next week I will be wearing another ring. Hehe *gedik*

Our ancestors said that if a butterfly is found flying inside a house, it means that someone is coming to ask for someone in the house to be his wife. Yesterday a butterfly flew happily around me, in my room, and today when I opened the office's door from inside, I saw a butterfly was resting at the door, before flying off when it saw me. Two butterfly in two days. What a coincidence.

Adding to the butterfly story, today I stepped on a (part of) caterpillar. I was sitting on my chair, shutting off the pc and stuff. Then I decided to go back, so I stood up. Suddenly I heard something being squished--like a pop sound or something. I looked down on the floor, and I saw a small pool of liquid. I was like, "What the hell is that?" I looked around the liquid, then I saw something that looked like a geico poop, but it wasn't squished. I looked around a little more..and at that time I saw a half caterpillar. I was traumatized, and my heel was green because the caterpillar was green. Euw euw euw.

I swept the office this morning a little bit more properly than a couple of days ago. But there you go, a geico poop in the evening. I swear I did not see a single geico in the office today.

Although I love the location of my office, I hate the fact that there are all sorts of animals and insects there. Normal ones: geico, cricket. Some unusual ones: squirrel, snake, and caterpillar. Maybe that's how an office at the Faculty of Environmental Studies looks like.

Owh, have I told you that the crickets love to die in the office? No, I am not kidding. It's like a trend.

Hmm..I am rubbing my eyes now. Later people, I need my beauty sleep.

Good night.

Edited 2:19pm October 16, 2009
Credit to k.z
Title: Stepping the caterpillar


Wearn said...

finally pushie, congrats! :D :D :D

Fiza Pushie said...

hehe thanks yw! :D

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