Monday, May 25, 2009

You judge

(written on Jan 15, 2009)

Once my boyfriend and I went to Kampung Baru to have dinner before going to see a Makyung performance at Istana Budaya.

Opposite of the restaurant, there was a community center/admin office led by PAS. In front of the building, the were three flag poles displaying three flags--Jalur Gemilang, PAS flag and Kuala Lumpur flag, if I'm not mistaken. Next to the building, there was a BN headquarter or something I think, because there was a BN flag being displayed, along with Jalur Gemilang and another flag, which I have forgotten what it was.

Anyway, what I want to point out is, the highest positioned flag displayed in front of the community center/admin office/PAS headquarter was PAS flag, whereas for the BN headquarter, it was Jalur Gemilang.

(This post is left hanging for individual judgement)

p.s: I regreted not bringing a camera with me during the meal. I could have sent the picture to a newspaper if I had brought one.


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