Monday, May 25, 2009

They don't learn..

(written on Jan 11, 2009)

I read the Utusan online a while ago..and this was what I found.

Israel guna bom kimia

Kereta kebal tentera Israel menghampiri bandar utama di Gaza dalam usaha menumpaskan para pejuang Hamas, semalam.

Tentera darat, kereta-kereta kebal Israel mara semakin jauh ke dalam Genting Gaza menuju ke bandar utama, memaksa penduduk awam Palestin yang panik melarikan diri.

Lebih 27 lagi rakyat Palestin terbunuh termasuk terkena bom mengandungi fosforus putih yang diharamkan oleh undang-undang antarabangsa.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) bimbang penggunaan bom kimia itu boleh mengakibatkan kesengsaraan lebih dahsyat kepada orang awam Palestin.

I don't know what to say. Killing innocent people is already bad. Now, using illegal bombs? Although I don't really follow what's going on between these two nations, but one thing I know, no one should use illegal weapons. This reminds me of the use of atomic bombs on Japan during WWII. Once I read a short novel written by a Japanese doctor who was there when one of the bombs fell. He said people just dissapeared and melted due to the bomb's effect. He was lucky to be far enough not to be affected. However his wife was not. Her bone broke and turned into powder once he lift it up from the ground. He knew the bone was his wife's because it has the bracelet/necklace he gave her.

Anyway, although the phosphoros bombs' effects might not be as bad at the atomic bombs', still, it must have been banned for a reason. No one should suffer from it. Especially the innocent people.

My views on war is simple and traditional: Go to war if you really need to. But, all the killing and fighting should be between the army ONLY. Leave the innocents alone.

Maybe the worst invention ever is the guns and explosives. People can kill from far away, without knowing who they kill. Back then, fighters needed courage to kill someone because they could see who they killed and how their enemy died, but now they become more coward--they kill from far away, without having to see who they kill and how their enemy died.

p/s: I remember reading about how the ancient Japanese fought. Before they fought, they told each other who they were, so that if they won, they would know who they killed, and if they died, at least, they would die in honor..knowing who killed them.


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