Monday, May 25, 2009

A new blog and Pushie


There, six posts from my previous blog that i copied and pasted here. Those are the only six worth reading (or so I think) entries that I have written for the last five months. So, if you are lazy to go here, you can just read those.

Anyway, as I look at my profile name and description, I feel like I have just created a new name for me.

Fiza Pushie.

First name: Fiza.

Last name: Pushie.

Uuu..can I use that name in official forms and stuffs? Like, bank transactions, grad school application.. haha

Anyway, I was wondering if there is such name as Pushie. Like, if it is a real family name. Is there any other Pushies?

And so, I googled 'Pushie last name,' and found this.

O wow, I have family crest and all. Korang ade ke?? Hahahaha.

So, try google your name people! What do you find?


masmuni said...

u i pun ada family crest la u~ *nada pondan*

ak amik nama yg plg dekat dgn ayah ak, mengelemerkan nadzir sat hahahah

Jinan said...

nak family crest jugeeeeee..

Fiza Pushie said...

hahaha jinan takde ke?~

Adilla said...

Hahahah lawak gila nada pondan XD

Cool gila ada Pushie family crest!

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