Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post BTN

I came back from BTN camp yesterday and I slept till noon today. Hohoho.

It was a good and enjoyable camp overall. There was no racism or political agenda being brought up. Of course both topics were brought up, but all were in the form of facts, so that doesn't count. Maybe those who refuse to accept the facts and refuse to think would say BTN is this and that. But of course, some facilitators/lecturers might have said things that sounded racist/political. However I can assure you the module was not. For me, every Malaysian should attend BTN, particularly the one that I just went (considering there are different modules for different target groups).

Anyway, I'll share with all of you what I learned from the camp. But not now..I'm just too sleepy and tired.

Good night everyone.

p/s: balik2 btn tros busy dengan preparation


kumitaa said...

I am curious to know what you learned because when I took BTN I know different groups were exposed to different topics, so yeah, I guess I'll wait for your next blog entry. :)

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