Sunday, December 20, 2009


Have you ever felt lightheaded? How often?

I used to be active and strong ever since I was a little girl. However, I started to not able to stand up for too long when I hit 15. Everytime I needed to stand up for speeches etc., my stomach would feel funny and I would start sweating. Then I would start to feel lightheaded. Usually I would end up having to go out of the line and find a place to sit.

That feeling didn't occur often though. It would normally occur whenever I had to stand (not walking/jogging/running) for more than 15 minutes. And I never hit the point where I was about to faint.

However, it has gotten worst starting 2 years ago. I started to feel lightheaded whenever I jog on the treadmill for too long (more than 30 minutes), but it did not happen whenever I jog on the ground. But still, it was bearable, until recently..

For the past year, I have been feeling lightheaded after I jog, either on the ground or treadmill. And about a couple of weeks ago, during my BTN camp, I almost faint when I was in the line during our exercise session (it was neither too hot, nor long..I was standing for less than 30 minutes, I think). My stomach started to feel funny, then I started sweating, and my head felt light. Within seconds, I saw these white 'stars' started to covering my view, then I knew I had to rest.

As if it was not bad enough, since last week, I started to feel lightheaded most of the time, especially after meal, and it would last for hours. Sometimes it would happen before meals too, whenever I felt hungry. It's really irritating because I would not be able to focus on anything when it happened. It got better now though, after I consumed a lot of cockles last Saturday evening.

I looked online for possible explaination. Most of the people who experienced the same problem had hypoglycaemia (aka low blood sugar), or reactive hypoglycaemia (aka low blood sugar after eating). Is there a possibility that I might have it? Or is it just I don't have enough blood? (which I kinda doubt because my palms are red). My late grandmom had to consume a lot of iron at one point because she did not have enough blood. Could it be genetic?

Anyone has an explaination? Should I go to see a doctor?


kasehDANpercaya said...

too many fuzzy words. *faint*

Fiza Pushie said...

*calling 911*

Adilla said...

... I don't know what the problem could be :/. You should talk to a doc? It doesn't sound like anything 'normal'. Maybe it's low blood pressure, too (which has nothing to do with volume hehehe). (If it is, don't eat spinach cos it's bad for ppl with hypotension)

I've only felt lightheaded 3 times in my life -- and they were all due to dehydration hahahaha. Hiking, travelling and boating/snorkeling without drinking water. Two of those happened in one trip. Lol.

Fiza Pushie said...

Adilla! Please drink water when doing physical activities! hahaha!!

Btw, I went to see the doctor last Tuesday, I think. The doctor checked my blood pressure. It was 111/68 if I remember it correctly. The doctor said it was normal, but may cause low blood pressure. She said she would prescribe me a medicine, and she said it should work well. And so I went to the pharmacy to get it. Turned out, it was Panadol Extend for Muscle and Joint Pain. Rasa diperbodohkan gile.

I'm sick and tired to go and see a doctor for headache/dizziness/lightheadedness anymore. It'll be the same thing--they'll say it's nothing and give me all sorts of Panadol (sampai panadol extend pon dapat tu!). Owh maybe not just for those conditions. Backpain and skin problem are also included. (Remember they gave me minyak urut for my dislocated pelvic, and also antibiotic cream for my kayap).

Anyway, I had a bad vertigo yesterday morning after waking bad that I couldn't even get off of bed for almost an hour. Then, had another lightheaded after dinner. And also now, 2 hours after breakfast. Since I'm not going to the doctor anymore, I am keeping a record of all the times these things occur. At least when I do decide to go to see a doctor, I'll have evidence that I've been having it for a while.

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