Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kartika's caning

I would say Kartika's issue is one of the country's current hottest issues, and it has caught the attention of a lot of international media as well. Some say it is unreasonable for someone to be caned for drinking, while others support the court's decision. Personally, I think we should just keep quite about this thing as we should respect the court's decision. In addition to that, Kartina wants it anyway. Although we may question the motive behind her making a press conference and all on this, o well, just cane her already.

Here I want to share a blog entry about the punishment for drinking for the muslim. It's a long entry, but read it anyway; it's worth the time.

p/s: Really, Islam is simple, yet it is broad. So broad that I think I only know about 1% of it, although I am a muslim myself. Shame.


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