Thursday, November 12, 2009

What should I do?

I was surprised by an email this morning. It says:

Dear Ms Mohd Pushiri

I am delighted to offer you admission to a program of study at The Australian National University. Details are set out below:

Program: Master of Biotechnology (CRICOS Code: 052702F)
Program Type: Postgraduate
Commencing: First Semester, 2010
Indicative Tuition Cost: A$24,768.00 (per year)
Program Start Date: 22 February 2010
Standard Full-Time Duration: 1 Year

Okay, what should I do?

Currently in my mind, I have this picture:
-Call registrar and force them to give me a scholarship. They get sick of me forcing them, so they give me one, eventually (haha)
-Get everything needed to go study in Australia settled (passport, visa, etc)
-At the same time, get both families convinced to let us marry. They get tired of my continuous request, so they let us marry eventually. (haha)
-Get his necessary documents to follow me to Australia settled too
-Happily flying off to Australia with the beloved husband :)

Okay, back to reality.

The reality is: The dateline for scholarship application was on November 5, 2009. And today is November 13, 2009. I am already 8 days late. *jatuh tergolek2 masuk gaung*

What to do what to do what to do


izahsam said...

"jatuh tergolek2 masuk gaung"...hahaha

aahh, i jeles ngan u.
anyway, if u r really interested, then call or buat surat rayuan to that scholarship person in charge (/registrar). maybe they will consider ^_^...

But if you think the time to prepare everything is too short for you, then maybe try other places...hehehe. who knows maybe ur luck is somewhere else. u kan nk g world grad school tour :)

Fiza Pushie said...

hmm..called pendaftar and they did not answer. cam tau2 je i nak mintak duit. hahaha

and i emailed ucd bcmdb (kot) graduate group tanye if i'm too late to apply coz application dateline is on dec15, and i haven't taken gre. they said i'm quite too late. huhu. ade opening for gre next week, but i'm not going to kill myself that way. haha

ok, nk gi sambung berfikir mane nak dapat scholarship.


LuN said...

jadi bagaimana kamoo?
x sabar nk tau prkembangan berikutnya sbb nk tau bile korg akan khwin nih.
let say la, pujuk famili bagai nk rak sampai meroyan suh kawenkan korg, tp famili buat2 tutup telinga, adakah kamoo berdua akan berlari2 dan kawen?

Wearn said...

Email them and tell them you received the offer too late and can't apply for the scholarship, then ask them if they can make an exception/if they have other financial aid/scholarship offer.

But you were just thinking about studying and now the opportunity comes, it's a good omen!!!

And if you want to apply for US grad school now, I think it's a little too late because you need GRE, recommendation letters, statements, research faculty profiles etc. Unless you quit your job and work on the application full time, it can be quite a lot to do. :D

Good luck anyway! cepat kahwin!

Adilla said...

I was about to say: Hey, you can still do it! You have a month still! I studied for the GRE in one weekend, and worked on my statements in a week!
Then, haha I realized you'd take quite a while to do the other stuff ... but that's a really good graduate group, I hear.

Anyway, I would suggest the same thing as the others and try to ask the scholarship people again. Or look out for other options, e.g. try UK/European/Japanese grad schools, since their entrance would be a littler later?

Anyhoo, all the best of luck to you!

Fiza Pushie said...

Lun: Ape lagi, sorok Ajoy masuk beg, then kawin kat Australia la~ hahahaha! Anyway, IF I do go to Australia, I would expect a continuous 5 years of study (sampai phd). So kirenye kalo nak tunggu abes blajar baru kawin, pelik la..pehal kan tunang sampai bertahun2. So, parents kene bagi kawin gak. Tak kire. hahah

yw: I am going to the registrar this morning. We'll see what happen. Btw, I actually don't need to quit my job to apply to US grad school because my job's scope is to apply to grad school anyway (in other words, I'm getting paid for applying to grad school haha). However, my problem now is, I am currently a grad student. I cannot quit that -__-"

Adilla: For next year, MOHE will only sponsor oversea PhD studies, and not Master. The problem is, I don't have a Master degree and most universities in other countries want us to have a Master degree prior to applying for PhD. So like, kene apply US gak if I want to study abroad -___-""

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