Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Relieved (a little)

I went to see the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) this morning. I was late 10 minutes for our appointment (erk?!). Thank God she was cool with it. I felt bad though. Huhu

Anyway, she said to deal with the officer in charge (yes, the one who's on leave for a week). She said the money is with the university now; they only need approval with MOHE. That means I can ignore about the MOHE-won't-sponsor-oversea-master-studies part. And when I told her that I was worried about having to pay the deposit before the dateline and that the dateline is kinda near, she said there's enough time. That made me relieved a little bit. Alhamdulillah.

It sounds quite promising, isn't it? But still, I cannot sit back and do nothing, since everthing is not confirmed yet. So the plan is the same, still--loan from bank (pay them back right away if I end up not using the money), while at the same time apply for all scholarships available.

Bismillahitawakkaltu'alAllah. Amiiin..

p/s: I am going to fill in necessary forms after lunch. Heck, the forms will take a whole day to be filled. (O_o)~


thecuriousmind said...

Pushie, I have been following your recent updates.

Firstly congrats for the offer (when did u apply to ANU?)

Second, good luck in getting a scholarship.

Keep us posted, I'd really like to know all the updates about your journey to grad school

Third, I can't see why there's any reason for your family not to let you get married a.s.a.p

Fiza Pushie said...

thanks! :D hehe. doakanla aku kawin cepat :P

Fiza Pushie said...

owh btw, aku apply ANU 1st october ari tu. gi IDP..boleh waive application fee :P

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