Friday, September 25, 2009


Wow, I haven't been updating this blog for a while now. So, this entry will be an Eid-greetings-plus-some-updates entry. So...


Anyway, like always, I didn't really look forward to Raya due to some personal issues. Usually I will welcome Ramadhan like everyone else..trying to get the best of it. But believing that I should not do something just because everyone else is doing it, I ended up not going to terawih again this year. Hahah! (I will try to go next year however, InsyaAllah) I wanted to go last year, but I knew if I did go, I would have done it because everyone else was doing it, so I did not. This year I had that feeling of sincerity, but I was not that ready yet. Plus, I did not have the time and opportunity to go actually, because I fell sick for almost 10 days..and it's not your average sickness.

I remember falling sick suddenly on Monday, Sept 7, 2009. About a couple of hours after iftar, I could feel my body temperature started increasing, my joints hurt and I noticed a few red dots on my skin. I went to see a doctor an hour later, checked my body temperature and it was 38.1 degree celcius. My blood test turned out normal, and the doctor gave me an MC for a day (after I asked for it..bleks). I ended up taking a 2-day leave because the fever increased the next day and I did not have the energy to go to work on Wednesday. On Thursday, although the red dots slowly went away, the joint pain was still there and the fever kept coming and going. Plus, lots of ulcers started to appear on my tongue, so my boyfriend brought me to the clinic he was working at. Again, my blood was checked and it turned out to be normal. The doctor gave me a 2-day MC for Thursday and Friday.

When I thought I was ready to go back to work on Monday, suddenly my face and hands turned red on Saturday. The red dots that I thought had gone away, came back, and this time it went from my face down to my feet. At the same time, the joint pain was still there, and I suffered a light fever. The ulcers on my tongue slowly went away after I dedicatedly gargled salt water everyday. Thinking the redness was measles, I did not go to see a doctor, and tried a home remedy by drinking a lot of young coconut juice. I went to see a doctor the next day however, trying to get an MC for Monday and Tuesday. But! to my surprise, *drum rolls* the doctor said it was not measles :O I was shocked. The two doctors who looked at my condition did not know what it was since my blood test turned out to be normal. They asked me to come back the next day for a blood test, again. I was put under an antibiotic treatment.

The next day (Monday), I came back to have my blood tested. It turned out to be okay (again). By then, the fever had completely gone away, although my joints were still hurting. The doctor said I did not have to worry about it, and he asked me to come back after two days if the fever reappeared. I asked for an MC from him since I did not go to work that day. He gave me a 1-day MC. (kedekut) O well, I did not go to work the next day since I wanted to be well-rested by the time I came back to work. Plus, I was still red, literally.

After a couple of days, the redness had completely gone away, although it left marks/scars on my skin. Although it was subtle, I could see freckle-like spots on my skin, especially on my nose and thighs. I instantly looked darker. Mas said I looked more tanned. The worst part is, I could not wear my foundation anymore.. However, thank God it has become very subtle and better now, although the scar is still there.

Anyway, due to that and having to take antibiotics, I had to skip fasting for 11 days :/ plus 10 days due to period...a total of 21 days! :O

That makes a total of only 8 days of fasting this year :/

But! I lost 3 kg..approximately. My weighing scale marked my weight at 51kg, making me at my lightest weight ever after 9 years. I lost 2 inches off my buttocks, and 1inch off my waist. Although I'm happy of my weight loss, I can't deny that I'm feeling a little bit worried because this is not normal for me. Based on experience, my body will only lose weight after exercising. Even dieting does not affect my body weight, normally. O well, I think I'll just wait and see. If my body keeps on losing weight, I'll get my body checked. Till then, I'll just enjoy this moment while it lasts. Heh.

Hmm..what else? I thought I had a lot to write before I started writing this entry..

Hah! On a totally different topic, I just realized that I currently have 9 kittens and 7 cats.. a total of 16 kitties! No wonder the cat food finishes up so fast..

And...I sewed my first dress last Wednesday! I wanted to do another design, but I miscalculated the length, so I changed it here and there to make it wearable. I ended up with a different design...more feminine and complicated. Hahah! I'm planning to perfecting my skills, and turning it into a business. Side income. Heheh.

Hmm..that's it I think. I cannot think of anything else to write anymore. Plus, I need to go to sleep. It's 3:37am and I should really be sleeping since I don't want to be insomniac again.

Till my next entry, take care everyone!

p/s: I got RM50 for duit raya this year. Korang dapat ke? :P


LuN said...

weh weh! dapat lg duit raya? x aci!

Fiza Pushie said...

mesti! mintak kat adik-beradik lelaki. diorang kene jaga adik-beradik perempuan sampai kawin tau! hahahaha

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