Thursday, September 3, 2009


I found an interesting yet *euw* blog entry by an unknown blogger. It all started when Mas gave me a link to a sad story about the blogger's cat's death.

Anyway, being me, I like to click on archives on any blog that looks interesting to me. Then I found a catchy title (haha!), and I clicked on it. and..


It was about the writer having to deal with a pervert taxi driver when she was 16. So the story was, she got into a taxi and told the taxi driver to send her home. Ended up, the driver did not stop at the location; instead, he kept on driving, while asking her all the perverted stuffs. He intended to bring her home, but she was clever enough to convince the driver to send her back, and she promised him that she would wait for him the next day at the same spot. She even got RM20 from the driver. Hahaha. Owh, did I mention that he flashed his 'thing' at her? Maybe not flashed, but more to showed..and worst, he almost made her 'suck' that thing (I don't want to type that word because I think it's too much for my innocent blog haha). Euw euw euw.

You can read about it here.

Then I made Mas read it. After that, while Mas and I were throwing up about it, she told me about a friend who were in a taxi with her boyfriend. The taxi dropped her first, before dropping her boyfriend. Right after dropping her, the taxi driver (who appeared religious physically) asked the boyfriend if she was the type of girls who are easy to be brought to bed with. WTF. Euw euw euw.

And another friend has this kind of experience as well. When she was getting into her car, suddenly a random guy got into the passanger's seat and flashed his 'thing'. Euw. But she was smart enough to chased the guy away. Fuuhh~

Hearing these stories makes me thankful that I have never been in such situation. Maybe the worst I've experienced was when we were in Hawaii. We (5 girls) were walking around the city at night--around 9-10pm--when I witnessed the incident. There were two guys--one buffed, one skinny--and a petite girl in front of us, talking. The guys were like trying to get something from the girl, but the girl refused. The girl was wearing a spagetti top, a denim jacket and a pair of pants. Suddenly the big guy pulled down the girl's top, revealing one of her breasts. I was speechless. After that incident, I could not see even the slightiest would make me feel like throwing up. Euw.

Aahhh~ why can't these people not be pervert in public?


p/s: Btw, the girl's breast looked too perfect, it's fake. Haha (sempat lagi tu).


Wearn said...

lol pushie did i tell you my story?
I was walking home from my tuition class one afternoon when I saw this white car slowing down in front of me. I just started walking from my teacher's house so I am still in this housing area. When I walked past the car, the Indian driver rolled down the window and asked me, "Excuse me, what is the name of this taman?" He is wearing a white shirt and.. no pants! I freaked out and faster walked away, very worried that he might pull me into the car. Luckily my mom drove past briefly after and I quickly got onto her car, hahaha. It was a nightmare!!! And he was so calm when he asked me the question like nothing has happened!

Fiza Pushie said...

OMG YoongWearn!! Hahahahaha!!

Euw euw euw

O-man said...

dh lama aku tak bace perempuanjomblo.
kau ade bace crita dia psl "Aku tak dpt konek la"?

Khalis Afnan said...

nasib baik aku laki...
aku bersimpati ngan nasib korg sume @o@

faiza faiz said...

cop..u're working in upm?as working in upm oso...jd RA...nk smbg master tak sure lg...for d time being jd RA there laa..kt biotech 2 building...wut a coincidence..haha

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