Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion Trend

I've decided to write something in this blog although I know I should be writing my assignment instead. Owh well, this blog needs some attention too.

Anyway, I watched a video clip by a Korean female group the other day. For those of you who are familiar with Korean/Japanese singing group, you'll know how they typically sing/dress/dance. Yup, with cute-looking makeup and costume, they act cute while singing, and dance cute too. However, although they sing/act/dance/dress that way, I bet most of them are around 18-22 years old.

Now, compare this to western singer. Take Hillary Duff, or Miley Cyrus for example. Once they hit 16 years old, their singing/dressing style turned into something that is completely different. They became sexier. They act more like an adult. It's like they became a whole new person with a whole new image. Image that, for me at least, doesn't match with their age. I agree that someone who is 16 years old is not considered as a child, but s/he is not an adult either.

It's kinda amusing to me to see the two different, cultures, I must say. Somehow, the fashion trend in the Eastern world tends to be cute. They like something that makes them look younger. Too young in fact, some of them dress like I would dress if I was 12 or younger. Vibrant colors, all frilly and cute looking clothing, headbands with cute little ribbon, ponytail at one side, or even ponytails at both sides (what do they call that?). Whereas in the Western world, the fashion trend tends to be sexier. They like something that make them look sexier, more appealing, more mature. Too mature in fact, sometimes a 16 year old could be mistakenly thought to be a 20 year old. Figure hugging, skimpy dresses, mini skirts, dresses with V-neck or anything that will definitely show the cleavage. Makeup style is different too. Easterners tend to wear makeup that will make their eyes look bigger and cuter, while the westerners tend to wear makeup that will make their eyes look more sultry and sexier.

So, how do women in Malaysia dress? Hmm.. kinda hard to say. I believe since Malaysia is located in between both worlds, women in this age group tend to dress either way depending on preferences, or somewhere in between, which is completely fine, since somewhere in between would mean they dress their age. However, taken into account that religion and culture play an important aspect in our lives, i'd say, fashion trend in Malaysia has developed its own identity. Different people dress differently, and sometimes the same person may dress this way today, and different way tomorrow. Maybe there isn't any typical fashion trend in Malaysia. Or maybe we don't really care how we dress. As long as we wear something.

So how do I dress? Hmm..I am naturally not a stylish person. I tend to wear clothes that are comfortable, and don't get in my way when I want to do things. T-shirts and Jeans are top of my list, although I feel like wearing more skirts now. However, when I do feel like dressing up a bit, I would pick something that is simple, yet looks elegant/sophisticated at the same time.

Recently I've been thinking about changing my dressing style. Since I am now someone's wife, and maybe someone's mother in the future, I would like to improve myself. To be a better person, spiritually, especially. To be a role model for my future kids. So I am thinking of changing my dressing style into a more modest look. Less jeans, more skirt. Less tight T-shirts, more loose blouses. But here's the thing. Most modest clothing in the market are not my style. They don't portray me very well. I don't want to wear something that is not me. It makes me feel wrongly represented.

So when I go shopping, or surf the Internet, or observe people, I constantly look for something for inspiration. Something that is modest. Something that is me. Something that could be my next dressing style.

Then I found this. And I am in love. Her style is simple enough, elegant enough, and modest enough. Most designs that she shows cover all the parts that need to be covered, yet she does so in a subtle way that it looks natural, stylish, and not looks as if the cloth is there to cover this and this.

Maybe I would dress somewhat like her style in the future? ;)


masmuni said...

aku suka style hanna

thecuriousmind said...

"changing my dressing style into a more modest look".
Wahhh Pushie, dah lama aku tak tengok ko dress casual (last time I saw you was in a pengantin outfit!), but seriously Pushie, I thought you have always dressed very modestly? Haha..

I love fashion! Japanese/Korean fashion is inspiring! Although they can be a bit weird, you just have to pick outfits that suit your style. I like the cute, feminine yet edgy tops these people make. In the Western world punya kedai-kedai most tops are basically plain, satu kaler je. Can be boring, but ppl in Western countries like to layer the plain tops with accessories, cardigans, pullovers etc.

Where do u shop for clothes in Canberra?

btw ponytails at both sides are called pigtails.

Fiza Pushie said...

mas: aah. style diye best

mamau: first impression ajoy jumpe aku balik dulu was 'hot'. tak cukup modest tu kalo ade org yg first impression diye kat aku is 'hot'. haha

btw, japanese/korean fashion inspiring juga. tp too comel la utk aku haha. and plus usually style diorang suit petite people, since diorang pon petite kan. so bile aku pakai style2 gitu, tros nampak pelik haha. aku prefer western style kot (tgh gile maxi dress skrg! :D), walaupon kadang2 mmg agak boring sbb usually plain. but kat sini agak banyak gak diorang gune printed fabric, although style in terms of cutting and design tak brape banyak.

btw aku shop kat direct factory outlet usually. ade ke kat tpt ko dulu? tp aku rase walaupon name factory outlet, still mahal. hmm kalo tak situ, aku gi kat shopping2 mall ade 3-4 bijik kat canberra ni. tp masuk kedai yg same je slalu. cotton on, rivers, jayjays, scs (baju2 dari china/hongkong kot), kadang2 valley girl. kedai2 lain mahal la huhu

Helinomics said...

ya tuhan, pushie. sapakah wanita yg kau link blog dia tu? dia sgt lah lawa and her style is definitely something that if i've been given the chance, i'd follow ! cantikkk sgt !!

yes pushie, u'll hv my full support for dressing like her! go for it !

Anonymous said...

got her blog from a guy friend who likes to see cute girls hahaha and yup. she's pretty. jeles! ><

-pushie yg malas login hehe

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