Wednesday, June 9, 2010

doctors and patients

My friend's status on Facebook today made me think.. Her status was about her wanting to do medicine, but her senior doctor told her to do other thing instead since the patients in medicine like to lie. It's funny, really, and true to a certain extent. But another friend of mine commented, saying sometimes it's not that the patients lie, it's just that the doctor doesn't want to believe the patient. Which, sadly, is also true. She has a first hand experience, and so do I.

I remember having a dislocated pelvic once, and 2-3 doctors did not believe me. I told the first two doctors I'd fallen and hurt my spine about a year before. They told me, without checking my back, "The pain will go away. Give it some time," and gave me a warm massage oil. But when the pain worsen and gave me trouble when walking, sitting, even lying, and made me cry in the office just because it hurt too much, I knew it would not go away. But another trip to the doctor did not do any good, as the third doctor did and said the same thing and gave me the same oil. At that point, I knew I had to see a specialist. But since to see a specialist in a government hospital would require me to have a reference from a doctor, and a specialist from a private hospital would cost me a fortune, I opted to see a chiropractor. And thank God the chiropractor was good; she checked me thoroughly and identified that my pelvic was dislocated, and she corrected it during the first visit.

Another experience was when I had shingles. It was still in the early stage, and I didn't know it was shingles, but I knew it's not just a normal rash since it was red and had bubbles. When I went to see a doctor, the doctor looked at it for a bit and said, "It's just a normal rash. I'd give you antibiotics for you to apply to the rash." And of course the antibiotic did not work on the 'rash'. When it got larger and weirder, I went to see a specialist straight away, which cost me a fortune, but at least the doctor did look at the 'rash' closely and told me what it was. After a round of antiviral, it was gone.

And not to forget when I had, which I believe, chikungunya, since all the doctors whom I went to see did not care to find out what's wrong with me. So, sorry if I'm wrong, but I had all the symptoms. Anyway, even after 4 trips to at least 4 different doctors, and 4 blood samples taken, left me perplexed and confused since all of them told me I was okay, although clearly I was tomato-red, swollen, and had a fever and a strong joint pain. Owh, did I tell you they were even skeptical to give me a medical leave, even for a day or two? For God's sake, I was sick for more than a week. (I think they took my blood samples to check if I had dengue, and since I didn't have dengue, they didn't care).

But, I know we cannot 100% blame the doctors for being very skeptical towards the patients. I mean, even if we've never done it, we've at least known one person who has lie to a doctor to get a medical leave, to run away from work or skip a class. So blaming the doctors 100% will not do them justice.

But please, fellow doctors, although I don't look as honest, believe me, I am one of the most honest people you'll ever find. I have never lied to a doctor before. So, please believe me when I say, "I'M IN PAIN!"


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