Sunday, June 6, 2010

choosing a digicam

although i am terribly busy, i still want to sneak into this blog a bit haha this blog has started to get covered with spider webs anyway.

so my husband and i are trying to look for a camera. we both have no camera at the moment, and are relying on the camera function on our samsung jet mobile (yes, coincidentally we both have the same mobile). so we are trying to figure out which camera to buy.

of course, looking at the popularity, dslr is the most tempting option. good quality pictures, slightly expensive, but affordable. but of course, with dslr, one needs to be knowledgeable to be able to use it properly. knowing me, i don't think i am up for that. every time i buy a new gadget, i never read the manual before using the gadget. i am more to try-and-error person. even with my old camera, sony t-10, i took 2-3 years to actually understand the functions and actually used them properly. so, i don't think dslr will do me any good.

so i am opt for a digicam with some good functions. yup, i am not a photography master, but i like to take good pictures, and i do use functions in a camera. i am not one of those people who use auto setting for everything. so, an affordable digicam with good functions.

i was looking at this harvey norman catalogue. they have discounts on cameras now. i was attracted to olympus sp600 ultra-zoom, just because it has wide-angle lens and 15x optical zoom. it's on sale for aud$268 now. fuji finepix xp10 is on sale for aus$237. but i don't think i will be using its waterproof function on a regular basis, so maybe olympus is better.

but then yesterday my husband was showing two more olympus or fujifilm model that really caught my attention. ah, i forgot the model now, but i'm pretty sure it's something like s2500..a compact camera with good functions 18x zoom, wide-angle lens, hd video recording..and all for under rm1000. wow.

but, all that said, my husband just texted me saying he found another model which looked good. a canon. aaa~ i don't know which one to choose anymore. i'll let my husband, a.k.a my technology master, to choose.

or, do you have a recommendation?


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