Wednesday, March 17, 2010

weird people

Now, can that be any weirder? Haha

But o well, I love Lady GAGA. Her music is catchy and I particularly love this one. And I also love her because she's weird. Haha

Yepp, I tend to like weird people--Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, M.Nasir. Ok, maybe I need to explain the last two people. Hmm..I know Johnny Depp is handsome and all, but to tell you the truth, I have started to like him before I noticed his handsome face. I was more attracted to him because he played all the weird movie characters available. And he seems to do it effortlessly. And plus, he's quiet. It's like, all these things that he does and his quiet and reserved character make him a mysterious me. It makes me think, "What does he think actually? 'Who' is he in person?"

M.Nasir is not as weird as Johnny Depp, of course, but his terrific music and his quiet and reserved character, make me attracted to him. Same as Johnny Depp, he makes me think of 'who' is he in person? What does he think?

And the same reason applies to Lady Gaga. Although she's not as quiet and reserved, she's still mysterious to me. It makes me want to know more.

So I guess I tend to like mysterious people, who tend to be weird at the same time.

So, motive of the post?


Hahaha good morning people~ :)

p/s: Lady Gaga is coming to Canberra on 29th March 2010 I think. I want to go..but I think I won't be comfortable with all the people that will be coming. I don't like packed places and although I am attracted to weird people, I don't know how to mingle with weird people, who I think will be the majority of the crowd. I know, it's weird..haha


TrUe SeLf said...


Fiza Pushie said...

busuk ke? rase2 tadi dah mandi shampu sabun losyen n siap perfume lagi ni. hehehehe

thecuriousmind said...

Speaking about weird, my dad's colleague once said to me "You're not as eccentric as your dad". That was like, the quote of year! Haha..

Anyway, LG is weird and I did blog about her too. a bit! Just go to her concert la dude. Bukan slalu pun. And you're there to enjoy the music, kan? Be a "weird person" then, if that would make u blend in better! LOL!

Fiza Pushie said...

haha mmg quote of the year!

anyway, aku mmg nak gi concert tu..tapi (1) mesti mahal (2) aku tak penah gi concert (3) takde org nak gi dgn aku (4) aku dah kawin, kene jage extra siket hehe (5) husband aku takde nak teman! haha takpe la. but i sure will get the album! *cough*hint*cough*to*cough*husband*cough*

TrUe SeLf said...

nk album lady gaga ke....kat malaysia murah lagi kan...hehehehe

Fiza Pushie said...

hehehehehehehehehehehe X)

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